Some of the herbal compounds we produce and provide are:

Moisturize, care, repair and protect the skin

  • Beewax rejuvenating cream (daily cream with deep healing properties)
  • Oat, marigold, witch hazel and chamomile lotion (daily moisturizer with soothing properties)
  • Repairing balm  (protects and heals broken skin)
  • Aloe and marigold refreshing gel (apply frozen, ideal for all sorts of burns and skin problems)

Solar care

  • Sunscreen
  • Aftersun lotion (moisturizer for after sun exposure and sunburns)

Insect bites and skin problems

  • Anti-histamene and anti-bacterial cream (ideal for insect bites, swelling, itching, athlete’s foot and other fungal skin infections)
  • Water and essential oils-based insect repellent

Pain killers

  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic cream (with datura and arnica )
  • Anti-inflammatory arnica tincture
  • Analgesic datura oil


  • Coconut and cinnamon aphrodisiac oil
  • Invigorating and stimulant teas


  • Echinacea tincture (antibiotic, immune system stimulant)
  • Garlic and ginger tincture (antibiotic)
  • Valerian tincture (sedative and tranquilizer)
  • Detox dandelion tincture (ideal for cleaning the body of toxins)
  • Antiseptic tincture (for urinary tract infections and problems)
  • Digestive tincture (for gastritis, colic, vomiting and other digestive system problems)

Compounds for the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tracts

  • Antibiotic, anti-cough and anti-inflammatory herbal honey (medicated honey for the respiratory and digestive systems) – we sold hundreds
  • Anti-cough expectorante honey syrup
  • Activated charcoal, aniseed and jaggari compound (for acute diarrhea, poisoning and gastro-intestinal tract problems)

Dental hygiene

  • Mouth wash (for toothache and promoting healthy mouth, teeth and gums)
  • Analgesic paste for toothache (com antiseptic and analgesic properties)
  • Natural toothpaste


  • Rosemary natural deodorant (gel)
  • Aloe natural deodorant (spray)

Tonic suplements

  • Aloe compound (overall tonic)
  • Ashwagandha ghee (overall tonic, revitalizes, rejuvenates and stimulates the immune system)
  • Triphala Ghee

Food suplements

  • Mix of seeds (pumpkin, flaxseed, hemp, black sesame, white sesame, sunflower)
  • Bee polen

Medical care

  • Tea-tree and witch hazel cleansing water (desinfects and cleans wounds)
  • Herbal first-aid kit
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